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Buddy Tuition Credit


Attend the AVANTI 2017 Workshop with your friends and receive a tuition credit of up to $100!!!

The Buddy tuition credit expires April 30, 2017!  You can add Buddies after you have registered by sending AVANTI an email, but no Buddies can added after April 30, 2017! 

How to Qualify:

When applying to the AVANTI Workshop, you can fill in your friend’s (Buddy’s) name on the AVANTI application form.  You may also add Buddies by notifying AVANTI up until April 30. 2017.

  • A first-year AVANTI applicant may Buddy with up to 10 other new applicants for a total of ten (10) Buddies.  A first year applicant may include only 1 returning student among their Buddies.
  • A returning student from AVANTI 2012-16 may Buddy with up to 10 new applicants. Returning students may not Buddy with each other! They may Buddy only with new applicants.  


  • A Buddy pair will be confirmed when both applications are received.
  • Each AVANTI participant can have up to 10 Buddies for a tuition credit of no more than $100 ($10 per Buddy).
  • To receive the Buddy tuition credit, both friends in a Buddy pair MUST attend the AVANTI Workshop 2017.
  • As spots in the workshop are filled, a Buddy applicant will be placed on the waitlist if their instrument group is full.  The tuition credit will be paid to the Buddy pair if a spot opens up for that applicant to attend the Workshop.
  • The tuition credit of up to $100 will be paid by check to each participant (based on the number of Buddies each student has) on July 25 – the first day of the Workshop.
  • Buddies will not necessarily be placed in the same ensemble. Ensemble placement is  based on each applicant’s prior experience and audition results the first day of the Workshop.
  • Workshop participants receiving a FULL financial aid package from AVANTI are not eligible for the Buddy tuition credit. Those participants receiving a partial financial aid package may participate, but will only receive a tuition credit up to the tuition amount still owing.

For more information, please call AVANTI at 734-756-9499 or send an email to