forward looking

AVANTI Summer MusicFest


Detroit Symphony Musicians

AVANTI  Summer MusicFest 2017 –  moving our young musicians forward.  The festival enables music students to take their playing to a new level in a week-long workshop coached by DSO musicians.  It also presents summer concerts of the highest caliber to Metro Detroit area audiences. 

AVANTI Summer MusicFest  was conceived and is supported by The Musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (MDSO), currently with administrative support from the Chamber Music Society of Detroit (CSMD).


“AVANTI” (pronounced “uh-VAHN-tee”) is an Italian word meaning “Forward”, or “To take a step forward.”

To all the Detroit Symphony musicians, this term has been heard by us many times over the years and is a favored saying of thirty year DSO guest conductor Jerzy Semkow,  After technical discussions in rehearsals, Maestro Semkow would often say, “Avanti!,” meaning, “Let’s play, now.”

“AVANTI” can be a mission statement of this summer festival.  It can mean “move forward” to our beloved Detroit Symphony, to our precious students, to our economically beleaguered Motor City.

This is a positive word, with positive meanings.  It is an upbeat word which is fun to roll off one’s tongue.  This can be an action word for parents as they enroll their child into our program and as we “move them forward”. 

This is an inspiring word for each of us:  “Move forward.”