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Application and Fees:

Where should I send the application?

AVANTI Summer MusicFest, 2470 Chene St, Suite 205, Detroit MI 48211.  Or apply online!  


Will my application fee be refunded if my child does not get into the workshop?

Yes, your application fee will be refunded if AVANTI is not able to accept your application.

Is there a number I can call to ensure that my application was received and is being considered?

You will be sent an email confirming your application has been received.  If you do not receive this notification in one week please call 734-756-9499

Why is the program limited to 200 students?

The number of students accepted is designed to guarantee the best, most personalized, AVANTI experience.  

Will you extend the program or add additional classes if you receive an overwhelming number of applications?

Yes – special classes will be held for each instrument IF the wait-list for that instrument reaches 10 students.  Consideration will be given to expanding in future years.

Will you consider my child and her sibling/friend together if both applications are sent in at the same time?

Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received so sending both applications in the same envelope will help.  However, if your child’s instrument section is full and her friend’s is still open, your child may be put on a waiting list.  Best to get their applications in as early as possible.

Are the applications considered purely on a first come-first serve basis or do you consider applicants based on their skills as well?

Applications are considered in the order they are received.  We do ask that 13 year-olds audition so that we can be sure they will not be placed in an overly difficult performance situation for them.

Will AVANTI accept piano students?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept piano students this year.  Stay tuned – we will be expanding the scope of the project in future years.

Will students be required/allowed to audition if there is some question as to their ability, and their application was received early?

New in 2017, all students are required to submit an audition video (via YouTube preferred). In the case of students who are not yet 13, we will contact their music teacher (if applicable) or parent to ensure the student’s need are met.  


Tuition and Refunds:

Will my tuition be refunded if I have to pull my child out of the workshop for family or health reasons?

No tuition refunds will occur after July 15.  

Will my tuition be refunded if I pull my child out of the workshop before it starts?

Yes, if the withdrawal occurs before June 15, a full refund will be made.  If the withdrawal occurs between June 15 and July 15 a $150 refund will be made.  There will be no refunds after July 15.  

Will my tuition be refunded if I’m dissatisfied with the workshop or instruction?

We would have to discuss the specific situation before arriving at a decision.


Financial Aid:

What is the criteria for financial aid?

Financial aid is based strictly on need.

I can’t commit or apply to the workshop unless I receive financial aid.  Can I apply for financial aid first?

Complete your application and the financial aid form and send both to AVANTI at the same time.

Who do I talk to or where do I go to discuss my financial situation?

If we need to discuss your eligibility for financial aid we will contact you.


Student Issues:

Can I sign up my 5/6/7/8th grader who is a prodigy/so advanced for his/her age?

If an ensemble is short an instrument and your 13 year old has been heard by a DSO musicians an exception can be made.  Students under 13 cannot be accepted this year.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code as such for classes Monday through Friday.  Students are expected to dress appropriately.  

What is the concert attire?

As part of your tuition payment, students will be given a free AVANTI t-shirt to wear for the final celebration concert and reception at Orchestra Hall.  The concert attire consists of the AVANTI t-shirt, jeans, and closed-toed shoes (i.e., sneakers).    

What should my child bring to the workshop?  Extra strings, rosin, reeds, note book paper/pencils, snacks, etc.

Specific instructions are included in the package found on Students’ Corner (once your child is accepted, you will be sent the username and password for this page).  Fruit and other healthy snacks are made available at no cost to the students.  Students should bring all applicable instrument supplies (pencils, rosin, reeds, music stand, etc), as well as bring their own lunch.  

Is there anything that my child is not allowed to bring to class like his cell phone of other electronic devices, food etc.?

Cell phones must be turned off during rehearsals and performances or they will be confiscated for the day.  Students are welcome to use cell phones and other electronic devices at lunch and other break periods.  

What is the procedure if my child needs to leave earlier one day?

We will have a sign-out sheet in the administrative office.  Please notify the administrator and sign the log.  She will pull your child from the class and bring them to the office.

What provisions are made if my child is sick, but no one is available to pick her up right away?

Personnel will be on hand to assist your child until you or your designate arrives.

My child cannot make the Saturday concert, will this be a problem?

If your child cannot be present on Saturday please let us know well in advance so  he/she can be assigned appropriate parts.


Will lunch be provided?

Lunch will not be provided.  Students are asked to bring their lunch with them.

Will water and snacks be provided?

There are ample water fountains at our locations.  Students should bring snacks to eat between classes.  Healthy snacks (e.g., fruit and yogurt) are provided at no charge by AVANTI.  

My child needs to eat frequently.  Will this be allowed?

There will be breaks every hour to allow students to move about and snack if needed.

Can my child request a stand partner or chamber partner?

Seating will be assigned prior to the workshop via YouTube audition video. These assignments are made to best facilitate the sound and strength of the section.  You child can certainly make a request for seating. It may or may not be granted.

Will my child be accepted into the workshop if he/she has never had private instruction, but does well in orchestra/band class?

Yes, your child will be accepted without having had private lessons. 

How do you ensure the quality of the students and program if there are no auditions?

To some extent the application process will screen students.   Only 200 student will be accepted and those most interested and motivated  will be the first apply first.

Is this workshop primarily for students in the DSO Civic Youth program?

The program is designed for all high school music students.  Civic students are welcome as well.

Will there be other activities besides music instruction?

All classes will be music related. However, instruments will not be used in all the classes.  For example, all students will form a choir and will sing for one hour. Also, the classes between 3-5 PM will include a variety of music topics from instrument care to composition.

Can the students leave the school for lunch?

Parents must provide a written note giving permission and the student must sign out and sign back in when they return.

Can my child opt-out of any part of the program (choir, large ensemble, etc.)?

Your child must to attend all core classes between 8:45 AM and 3:00 PM.  Classes after 3:00 PM are optional.

Will music theory be taught?

Classes change every year.  For a list of classes offered, please see our Optional Enrichment Classes page.

How often are breaks scheduled?

There will be regular breaks. Coaches and large ensemble directors will be able to assess when breaks are needed.

Why is there a choir when the students attending the workshop play instruments?

Singing is essential for providing ear training and ensemble practice without an instrument.

Are there private lessons with the DSO musicians and if so, is there a cost?

A private lesson option will be available for an additional fee.  Some funds will be raised to help students needing financial aid.

If my student really likes one of the DSO musician instructors, can she study with the DSO musician after the workshop ends?

Any student can contact any DSO musician at any time for private lessons.

Will anyone else be teaching/assisting the students besides the DSO musicians?

Musicians who sub with the DSO, or who are retired DSO musicians may also coach at AVANTI.  All those working with AVANTI students have up to date background checks.