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Audition Procedure


AVANTI Workshop acceptance, seating, and chamber ensemble participation will be determined by audition video for all students. Please use the following procedure to submit your YouTube video:

AVANTI is requesting that each student submit, with their application, a short video (YouTube or DVD) demonstrating their playing level.

Submission guidelines:

  • Music: 1 minute of the most technically challenging piece you can perform
  • Scales: D major scale and A-flat major scale in as many octaves as you are comfortable playing.
  • Excerpts: Two excerpts of your choice taken from the standard orchestral repertoire (ask your teacher for help in choosing these!).
  • Video: Must be unedited and can be taken with a digital camera, tablet, or phone.
  • How to get the video to us: We would prefer that you upload your video directly to YouTube (be sure to save the link information).  Then, fill out and submit the on-line form below, being sure to include the link to your video.  Instructions for uploading your video to YouTube can be found here.  AVANTI will inform you when you can remove your video from YouTube.
    • If uploading your video to YouTube is not possible, download and complete the video audition form below, and mail it along with one (1) DVD copy of your video to: AVANTI Summer MusicFest, 27655 Middlebelt Rd, Ste 160, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the audition videos, please send an email to

Videos must be submitted with your AVANTI 2017 application!

All decisions are final.

Notification of your seating assignment will made on for before July 1, 2017

 On-line video audition submission form (preferred)

Video audition form for those mailing their DVD video to AVANTI